Waiver Guidelines For Vermont Level III Certification

In accordance with Rule 18 of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council (VCJTC) Rules and Regulations, adopted by the Council and effective March 13th, 2018, a police agency head may submit a request to waive certain training requirements for their police employees.  Council “rules or a portion thereof may be waived by the Council upon a reasonable showing that an alternative method will not substantially defeat the purpose of these rules, the Council Act and the Council Program.

VCJTC rules and regulations most often referred to on  waiver requests are listed below as follows:

  • Rule 9.  Basic Training Standards For Level III Law Enforcement Officers
  • Rule 13.  Annual Mandatory In-Service Training for Level III and Level I/II Law Enforcement Officers
  • Rule 12.  Re-Certification of Law Enforcement Officers
  • Rule 18.  Waiver

The Criminal Justice Training Council has the ability to waive Level III basic training, based on prior equivalent training. Each request for waiver is considered on an individual basis and considered in the totality of the circumstances surrounding the applicant's documented experience to include such items as basic training, police work experience, in-service and/or specialized training as well as instructor certifications. In addition to this material, there must be a request by the Vermont police agency’s head/designee to have the academy consider the person’s record for certification.
The Criminal Justice Training Council does not accept part-time certification from other states for Level I and II certification in Vermont.
The Rules of the Council require a minimum of 792 hours for Level III certification in Vermont. The minimum training hours vary from state to state thus is difficult to create a waiver prescription considering solely training hours and the nature of the different programs as they relate to Vermont.  The minimum prescription is currently 116 hours. All waiver officers must complete the Waiver Certification course.

Additionally, based on Council and/or legislative requirements each officer must also complete the following courses:

  • DUI
  • Search and Rescue
  • RADAR or LIDAR (based on agency needs)
  • VIN
  • Fingerprinting
  • 1st Aid.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Act 80 Mental Health Training
  • Fair and Impartial Policing
  • Advance Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement

Depending on the state original certification was granted the following may also be required by the Council:

  • Patrol Procedures
  • Use of Force
  • Crash Investigation
  • Other identified blocks of instruction


Please Note: 

  • Officers enrolled in the waiver process do not have law enforcement authority in VT until they have completed the Waiver Certification course and have an approved waiver from the Council.
  • Officers working towards transferring their certification from another state who are invited to attend the VCJTC Waiver Certification Course must meet the requirements of Council Rule 16 as referenced in the Certificate of Compliance for Waiver Officers prior to attending the course.

This information is a guideline for those agency heads considering potential employees from out of state.  Any specific questions by the agency heads should be addressed to the Academy.  The Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council does not review resume material submitted by an individual for employability review.

Waiver Requests

  1. Submit a request to the Director of Administration and Certification for review by completing a Waiver Request form:
  2. Attach the required documentation which includes:
    • Resume 
    • Employment history including police work experience
    • All pertinent documentation verifying basic training (at a minimum), as well as any in-service, instructor certifications and/or specialized training.
    • VCJTC release of records form (signed and dated), along with documentation/transcripts of previous Police Academy training with the contact person information for the police training program attended.  
  3. Waivers requests citing the rule to be waived are submitted to the Director of Administration and Certification.
  4. A Waiver Application must be on a form provided by the Council.

Completed waiver requests must be sent to:

Director Drew Bloom
Vermont Police Academy
317 Academy Road
Pittsford, VT  05763

Email or call for further information.

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