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Basic Crisis Negotiations

  • Date: March 11-15, 2019
  • Location: 209 Balsam Lane, White River Junction, VT 05001   (910) 598-2887
  • Cost:
    • NTOA Individual Members: $786
    • Non-Member (Includes 1-year Individual Membership: $841
  • Registration: register online at
    • Prerequisit: Sworn full-time law enforcement personnel.
    • Registration Deadline: 2/9/2019
    • Contact Jacob Holmes at 802-356-2732 or by email with questions.

This is a basic level course designed for law enforcement and corrections personnel, mental health professionals, supervisors / team leaders and commanders who are assigned to, work with, or oversee the functions of a crisis / hostage negotiations team.  This course is also appropriate for law enforcement and corrections personnel who aspire to join a crisis / hostage negotiations team.  This curriculum is designed to meet the standards set forth by the National Council of Negotiations Associations for a basic course of study for police crisis / hostage negotiators.  Although it is a “basic” course, it represents a robust and comprehensive view of the most likely negotiation problems and best techniques to resolve them peacefully.  It is suitable for experienced negotiators desiring a refresher course.

Download Flyer and Course Agenda


Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:

1.    The legal and historical foundations of hostage/crisis negotiations and current practices in the field
2.    Active listening techniques and their role in communicating empathy and building rapport
3.    Crisis negotiations team roles, and the relationship of negotiators to SWAT and incident commanders
4.    The dynamics of negotiation problems, including suspect demands, obstacles, deadlines, hostage survival, threats, one-way communications, measuring progress, and the phases of a negotiation incident from initial contact and surrender
5.    Suicide intervention skills for suicide and suicide by cop incidents
6.    Intelligence exploitation including open source and social media
7.    Common crisis situations and suspect profiles
8.    Influence and compliance tactics
9.    Managing indirect negotiations like the use of third party intermediaries and interpreters
10.    Healthy practices designed to keep negotiators safe legally, physically, and emotionally
11.    Practical exercises and scenario-based learning to reinforce new skills

Opioid Overdose Death Investigations

  • Date: March 27 - 28, 2019
  • Time:0800 - 1600
  • Location:South Burlington Police Department
  • Cost:
    • Early Price: $405.00 per person (ends 12/27)
    • Regular Price: $425.00 per person (ends 2/27)
    • Late Price: $445.00 per person
  • Registration: Register online at or call 800-222-7789

The WZ Seminar on Opioid Overdose Death Investigations is a comprehensive 2-day program on opioids, opioid deaths and the successful prosecution of overdose deaths as homicides. Participants will learn the different types of opioids and opiates being used including heroin, fentanyl, prescription pain killers and more. There will then be a discussion on the effects of opioids on users, how they break down in the body and how they kill.  A key segment will explain the effects of Narcan and why users are still overdosing.
The WZ instructor will review state-specific homicide laws and the elements of the different statutes for proper charges as well as the potential for federal charges.  Participants will be able to anticipate what defense attorneys will present and how to make sure they effectively cover areas of concern.  The class will learn how to establish policies and strategies to work their cases.
The class will participate in discussions on working the crime scene and getting evidence for the drug case and the homicide case. This will lead into a presentation on courtroom testimony and working with prosecutors on how and who will present evidence in court.  
The seminar will conclude with instruction on the proper preparation for trial and how to deliver professional, effective testimony in concert with perspectives from the judge or juries point of view.

Seminar topics include:

•    Overview of Opioid Overdose Death Investigations
•    State Specific Laws and What Charges to Use
•    Anticipate and Prepare for Defense Attorney Arguments
•    Development of Department Policy and Case Management
•    Legal Considerations—Search, Seizure, Miranda, Interrogations
•    Making a Homicide Case and Investigative Strategies
•    Courtroom Testimony and Working with Your Prosecutor

Based on actual investigations, this dynamic program uses a diverse combination of case studies to provide strategic tactics to analyze and evaluate investigative strategies specific to opioid overdose death investigations.   
This course is taught by Brian Sallee – an acclaimed narcotics  detective with 28 years of working  all aspects of drug investigations, including assisting and consulting on overdose death investigations around the country.  Brian has co-authored two books on the subject and has trained thousands of officers throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries.




  • DATE: Thursday – May 16th, 2019
  • TIME: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • LOCATION: St. Johnsbury – Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital 1315 Hospital Drive, St. Johnsbury rooms 126 & 127
  • COST: FREE with food/breaks provided

Traffic Incident Management

Traffic incident management is the process of coordinating the resources of a number of different public and private sector partners to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents as quickly as possible to reduce the duration and impacts of incidents, while protecting the safety of on-scene responders and the traveling public.

The training addresses all aspects of incident response, from the moment the first emergency call is made to the correct positioning of response vehicles and equipment, to a safe work area using traffic control devices, to final scene clearance.

The four-hour, in-person training brings police, firefighters, DOT, towing, medical personnel, and other incident responders together to foster relationships and engage in interactive training. They learn how to work together in a coordinated manner, from the moment the first emergency call is made to final scene clearance.

To find dates and times for Traffic Incident Management courses check the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security training calander

National White Collar Crime Center Online Courses

Visit the National White Collar Crime Center Website

Economic Crime Foundation Series (ECFS), NW3C's first complete Online Distance Learning Program

The Economic Crime Foundation Series (ECFS), consists of five self-paced introductory level courses

  • Introduction to White Collar Crime
  • Elder Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Disaster Fraud
  • Money Laundering


The Summit: Center for State Employee Development

Visit The Summit Website

The Vermont Department of Human Resources' "The Summit: Center for State Employee Development"  has openings in many of its courses covering a wide range of professional development, leadership, and health and wellness topics. Grant writing, facilitation, performance measurement, systems thinking, and emotional intelligence are among the many offerings. Many courses are free, although a fee is charged for some. The Summit is located in the Osgood Building, Waterbury State Office Complex, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT. Check out their website for more information.

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