V.C.J.T.C. Committee Membership


Buildings and Grounds Committee


The Buildings and Grounds Committee was mandated by the Legislature and is comprised of representatives from those agencies based at the facility;  Currently, the Criminal Justice Training Council, the Fire Service Training Council, and the Vermont State Police-Office of Professional Development.  This committee is charged with an annual review of facility needs, assisting with the on-going development of capital planning, and the coordination of space and resources.


  • Robert Howe, VT Fire Service Training Council
  • Glen Button, Director, DMV Enforcement
  • Joseph Flynn, VT Fire Service Training Council
  • Steve Benard, Sheriff, Rutland County Sheriff's Department and VT Sheriff's Association.


Canine Committee

Coordinated by Robert Ryan, Canine Training Coordinator


  • Chair: Dave Dewey, Cpl., Colchester PD
  • Chris Morrell,  Officer, Shelburne PD (Retired)
  • Richard Cloud, Chief, Chester PD
  • William Dodge, Sgt., Barre Town PD
  • Gary Genova, Lt., Vermont State Police (Retired)
  • Scott Dunlap, Sgt., Vermont State Police
  • Trent Martin, Cpl. Burlington PD
  • Rob Sterling, Sgt./Warden, VT Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Fair and Impartial Policing Sub-Committee

Coordinated by Jennifer Firpo, Training Coordinator

The Fair and Impartial Policing Sub-Committee is comprised of law enforcement professionals representing agencies from throughout Vermont, as well as invested community stakeholders. One of this sub-committee’s charges is to collaborate and disseminate mandatory biennial training as set forth in 20 VSA 2358(e)(3). This statute requires all law enforcement officers to receive Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council approved training relative to Fair and Impartial Policing during odd-numbered years. The Fair and Impartial Policing Sub-Committee is also tasked to review and update basic Fair and Impartial Policing Curriculum, to ensure relevance and alignment with current best practices.


  • Tabitha Moore
  • Garry Scott
  • Bor Yang
  • Gregg Jager
  • George Scribner
  • Xusana Davis

Domestic Violence Sub-Committee

Coordinated by Jennifer Firpo, Training Coordinator

The CJTC Sub-Committee on Domestic Violence was originally formed in 2008 to create an eight hour domestic violence related, Council approved, curriculum that would meet the training demands mandated by the, then, newly passed legislation, Act 174, which added mandated domestic violence training for all Vermont police officers.

Title 20 VSA § 2365. Domestic violence training

(a) In order to remain certified, law enforcement officers shall receive by 2011 at least eight hours of domestic violence training in a program approved by the Vermont criminal justice training council and the Vermont network against domestic and sexual violence.

Thereafter this sub-committee was charged with developing new domestic violence related trainings that continue to meet the Act’s statutory requirements.  That requirement is that Vermont officers must receive domestic violence training every two years to maintain their certification.

Title 20 VSA § 2365. Domestic violence training

(b) Law enforcement officers shall receive domestic violence retraining every two years in a program approved by the Vermont criminal justice training council.

Domestic violence training is required in even number years.  The next year officers will have to take mandatory domestic violence training is 2016.

  • Robbie Blish, Chief, Woodstock Police Department
  • Anthony Facos, Chief, Montpelier Police Department
  • Carolyn Hanson, Attorney General’s Office
  • Sam Hill, Sheriff, Washington County Sheriff’s Department
  • Heather Holter, Vermont Council on Domestic Violence
  • Ingrid Jonas, Captain, Vermont State Police
  • Sarah Kunz-Robinson, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Andrea Van Liew, Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services


Rules Committee



  • John Treadwell, VT Attorney General's Office
  • Glen Button, Director DMV Enforcement
  • Steve Benard, Sheriff, Rutland County Sheriff's Department
  • Chris Brickell, Chief, Brandon PD
  • George Merkel, Chief, Vergennes, VT Association of Chiefs of Police


Training Advisory and Instructor Committee

Coordinated by Cindy Taylor-Patch, Director of Training

The Training Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of representatives from throughout the VT Criminal Justice System. The TAC's primary purpose is to conduct comprehensive reviews of new and updated curriculum for both Basic Training and In-Service Academy programs (excluding use of force curriculum) - recommending acceptance or denial of these programs to the Executive Director. In addition to these reviews the TAC also periodically conducts scheduled reviews of both basic training programs (full and part-time) to ensure they are current and reflective of the current needs of modern policing. The TAC is also responsible for the review of Academy instructor certification/recertification requests in those circumstances where extenuating circumstances arise causing the staff to seek their counsel. In addition to these responsibilities the TAC may also undertake special assignments as put forth by the Executive Director or Council.


  • Chair: Lt. Steve Coote, Vermont State Police
  • Vice Chair: Sgt. Jason Covey, Middlebury Police Department
  • Chief Jeff Whitesell, Winhall Police
  • Sgt. Fred Whitcomb, Stowe Police
  • Sgt. Chad Barrett, Vermont Fish & Wildlife
  • Sgt. Jennifer Harlow, Newport Police
  • Senior Deputy Andrew Bent, Washington CSD
  • Officer Adam Murach, Brandon Police
  • Chief Skyler Genest, VT DLC
  • Chief George Merkel, Vergennes Police
  • Lt. Bob Giolito, VT DMV
  • Commander Greg Sheldon, Rutland Police
  • Officer Dan Delgado, Burlington Police


Use of Force Committee

Meeting Dates:

  • January 22

Coordinated by Jacob Hansell, Training Coordinator

The UOF Committee is composed of troopers, officers, wardens, and deputies from various agencies throughout the state and range in rank from Corporals to Chiefs.  The committee members are appointed by the Executive Director of the Vermont Police Academy.  These members are considered to be advanced and very knowledgeable in their fields of training.  These fields include: firearms, non-lethal use of force, baton, rifle, and oleoresin capsicum.  The committee is overseen by an academy representative and has an elected chairman.

The committee has many responsibilities included in its purview.  Listed below are some of the responsibilities, which also may include any issues brought forth by the Executive Director for review.

  1. Reviewing/recommending curriculum for use of force classes for the basic programs and instructor programs.
  2. Providing guidance to instructors throughout the state in their use of force training.
  3. Recommend changes and improvements to the facility for use of force training.
  4. Recommend minimum standards for use of force instructors.
  5. Providing input for implementation of programs related to use of force.
  6. Reviewing special requests of use of force instructor recertification packets that are not standard.


  • Chair: Michael Akerlind, Cpl., Colchester PD
  • Vice Chair: Russell Shopland, Warden, VT Dept of Fish and Wildlife
  • Robbie Blish, Chief, Woodstock PD
  • Paul Sokolowski, Trooper, VSP
  • Matthew Murano, Sgt., Wilmington PD
  • Randy Lopes, Cpl., Burlington PD
  • Eugene Duplissis Sgt., Vermont State Police
  • Wade Johnson, Vermont Department of Corrections
  • Jason Williams, Cpl., Rutland City PD
  • Robert Currier, Warden, VT Dept of Fish and Wildlife
  • Eugene Cote, Lt, Vt Dept of Motor Vehicles


Traffic Safety Committee

Coordinated by Christopher Conway, Training Coordinator

To assess the highway safety training needs of Vermont law enforcement officers and determine the availability of pertinent training. Facilitate training availability for Vermont law enforcement officers along with training initiatives, statewide best practice concepts, training and instruction to all users of Vermont’s highways. This will be achieved by the coordination and cooperation of statewide stakeholders and resources, including the VCJTC, with the end goal of increasing highway safety and decreasing crashes in the State of Vermont.


  • Chair: Lt. Kevin Geno, Rutland County, Sheriffs Office
  • Sgt. Jay Riggen, Vermont State Police
  • Lt. Camillo Grande Bennington Police Department
  • LEL Paul White, State Highway Safety Office Behavioral Safety Unit
  • LEL Bill Jenkins, State Highway Safety Office Behavioral Safety Unit
  • Mandy White, Vermont Highway Safety Alliance
  • Kenneth Hawkings, Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council
  • Glen Button, Public Member



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