Training for Level II Officers During COVID-19 Restrictions

We managed to recently graduate a class of 23 officers from the Phase One program for Level II Officers. As they enter the next phases, please know that we understand their training needs and will do our best to assist.

In light of the current State of Emergency, we are offering as many classes online as possible. Other classes, like RADAR and DUI, would violate social distancing guidelines and so we were forced to postpone them. We will reschedule everything needed as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please keep in mind, you may use your in-house VCJTC-certified instructors (if you have them) to offer Domestic Violence Response.

As you know, it is permitted to do Use of Force (UOF) Training in-house as well, though it will be "at your own risk" given current recommendations about social distancing. However, we will not be able to offer an opportunity to test for UOF certification until it is deemed safe to proceed. We will offer UOF training at the Academy as soon as restrictions are lifted. Field Training may be done concurrently, as deemed safe and appropriate by the Agency Head. Examples of training that can be completed online include:

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