Roadside Stop Data Reporting Requirements


Agency Reporting Requirements

2016 Act 147 expanded on an agency’s duty to report roadside stop data.  The exact language is below:

(3) On or before September 1, 2016 and annually thereafter, law enforcement agencies shall provide the data collected under this subsection to the vendor chosen by the Criminal Justice Training Council under subdivision (2) of this subsection or, in the event the vendor is unable to continue receiving data under this section, to the Council. Law enforcement agencies shall provide the data collected under this subsection in an electronic format specified by the receiving entity.

The agency selected by the Council is the Crime Research Group, and CRG is requesting that the data be submitted in Excel format to the e-mail address below, using “TS&R Data” as the subject line:

Spillman users:

For those who need it, the attached document will provide guidance on how to convert Spillman data to Excel.  Pay special attention to removing any officer identifier data, which will require the deletion of that column.

Given that the legislative language references September 1, 2016, we would suggest that you submit data covering September 1, 2015, to August 31, 2016, at your earliest convenience.  We realize we’re a bit past the September 1, 2016, deadline, but we had to address some minor agency/vendor submission concerns. 

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