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Ground Fighting Instructor School

  • Dates: Nov 27, 2017, 8:00 AM –Fri, Dec 1, 2017, 4:00 PM

  • Location: Vermont Police Academy
  • Tuition: Free
  • Registration:Eventbrite - Ground Fighting Instructor School

Prerequisite: Current VCJTC Use-of-Force & Tactics Instructor Certification

Equipment: Training Attire, Athletic Shoes, Duty Belt, Handcuffs

For a law enforcement officer, being on the ground in an uncontrolled manner during a use-of-force encounter is a terrifying and dangerous predicament. Modern law enforcement officers should be confident and competent with all their use-of-force skills. Arguably, using force is one of the highest areas of police liability; both physically in the officer safety arena and legally in the courtroom. For officers, learning to defend themselves in a ground-fighting situation can help take their skillset to the next level. This intense and immersive five-day course will instruct currently certified VCJTC Use-of-Force & Tactics Instructors how to train officers to survive and succeed if they find themselves in a ground-fighting situation.

This newly revamped course has been refreshed and overhauled with an updated training curriculum, new techniques and updated training materials. Upon successful completion, currently certified Use-of-Force & Tactics Instructors will be able to train and certify other officers in skills acquired during this course based on individualized training needs. This program is open only to currently certified Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council Certified Use-of-Force & Tactics Instructors.


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