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37th Basic Canine Patrol School


Overnight fees will be billed at the completion of the class


  • Canine evaluation prior to acceptance into the program.
  • Handlers are required to meet the minimum Police Academy physical fitness requirements (50th percentile).
  • Team Specific Program
  • Certifications Available: VCJTC

For further information contact Canine T.C. Bob Ryan by email at Robert.Ryan@vermont.gov or phone at 802-483-6202

Course Completion

Participants will be required to meet the following requirements to successfully complete the course.

  • A trail one and one-half (1.5) miles in length, one-half hour old, with or without a scent article;
  • Building search locating both low and high suspects;
  • Sit-watch (officer protection);
  • Recall (call-back);
  • Distance apprehension;
  • Multi-Person apprehension;
  • Apprehension from a vehicle;
  • Tactical obedience and gunfire;
  • Obedience and agility.
  • Handler must successfully pass a written examination.
  • Canine Care and First Aid;
  • Training Philosophy and Techniques;
  • Use of Force, and K-9 Case Law;
  • Search Tactics;
  • Land Navigation.

Contact the Vermont Police Academy K9 Training Staff for more information at 802.483.6202

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