Current Classes

Basic Crime Scene Investigation

  • Coordinator:            Leslie Bodette
  • Length of course:  8 hours
  • Course hours:         0800 – 1600 hours
  • Location:                  Vermont Police Academy
  • Dates:                    
    • Monday, December 4, 2017
  • Tuition: None if initial certification for Vermont law enforcement officers. Repeat/audit - $28.50
  • Registration: Eventbrite - Basic Crime Scene Investigation

Physical evidence is not subjective.  It does not lie, forget, or distort.

Thorough crime scene investigation is vitally important to effective law enforcement.  The purpose of this course of instruction is to provide police officers with instruction on the awareness, documentation, preservation and collection of physical evidence and basic crime scene processing procedures.

The course will cover information outlined in the Physical Evidence Handbook published by the Vermont Forensic Laboratory, as well as, other information obtained from training aids and hands on practical exercises.

By the end of the class, each officer will have to demonstrate that they can perform a number of skills, to include, dust for and lift developed latent prints, swab for biological collection purposes, make a cast of a tool/tool mark impression, and make a tire and/or foot wear impression using dental stone.

NOTE: This is a “hands-on” training.  Students should wear appropriate clothing that they do not mind possibly getting dirty.  Students will also be going outside and thus should prepare to dress accordingly.

Crash Investigation for Level-II Officers

  • Coordinator: Leslie Bodette
  • Length of course: 16 hours
  • Course hours: 0800 – 1630 
  • Date:
    • October 25 - 26, 2017 at Vermont Police Academy
  • Tuition: Commuting - $50.50 (includes materials and lunch), Overnight - $90.50 (Includes materials, lodging, and meals).
  • Registration: Eventbrite - Crash Investigation for Level II Officers

This fundamental training course will provide the new part-time officer with a familiarization of accident/crash reporting requirements and form completion. A mock scene will be utilized to demonstrate the measurement and diagramming techniques. Additional scene management will emphasize traffic control, preservation of evidence and witness identification.

Fingerprinting Certification

  • Coordinator: Leslie Bodette
  • Length of course: 4 hours                                                                      
  • Course hours: see below
  • Dates/Times:                                                                                            
    • December 7. 8am
  • VIN Verification is offered in the afternoon on the same dates and must be registered for separately.
  • Location: Vermont Police Academy
  • Tuition: None, if initial certification. Repeat/audit - $9.00
  • Registration:

Eventbrite - Fingerprinting Certification


Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification.  They are used for identification of a person, background checks for employment, documenting criminal records, creating investigative leads, and tying suspects to evidence or crime scenes.

This course is designed to train police officers to properly roll legible fingerprints.  In addition, it also provides police officers with the certification required by Vermont statute to obtain fingerprints from minors for the purpose of voluntary identification programs. Certification pertains to this purpose alone and is valid for three years. See Fingerprint Re-certification below for more information.

This course has been designed by Vermont Criminal Information Center Identification Section and includes:

An overview of basic fingerprinting classification, the procedure of taking prints, officer safety while printing, how to properly fill out required fingerprint cards, and the life of a fingerprint card.

All students will practice rolling fingerprints under the supervision of trainers.

Rolling a quality set of fingerprint impressions and the successful completion of a written exam are required for certification.

Fingerprinting Re-certification

Police officers are required by Vermont statute to be re-certified every 3 years, following the training and certification outlined above, in order to take fingerprints from minors as part of a voluntary identification program. To be recertified, an officer must submit to VCIC a set of prints via electronic capture OR the standard ink and roll method. The prints will be examined for quality, and if acceptable, recertification will be granted. If the prints are found to be unacceptable, the officer will have to re-take the Basic Fingerprinting Certification Course. Please note: recertification is NOT required for the purposes of taking prints as part of an investigation, employment-related background checks, etc.

  1. Send a set of fingerprints to VCIC C/O Jon Creighton, 42 State Street, Waterbury, VT 05671-1300

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Taylor-Patch @ (802)483-2741 or

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