Interpersonal Violence

This track includes domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and stalking, strangulation.

Current Courses:

2016 Mandatory Domestic Violence Training

VT Interview and Investigation Techniques for DV ***MANDATORY 2016 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINING***

This online course satisfies the mandatory 2016 domestic violence training hours. It is the only course that fulfills that requirement.

In this course officers will learn about the effects of trauma on the brain and how that effects the ability to recollect and recount a traumatic event. Officers will learn supportive interview techniques that help counteract the effects of trauma on recollection and minimize added stress to the victim. Lastly this training will review elements needed to build a prosecutable domestic violence case that does not depend entirely on a victim’s ability to participate.

This training is hosted by JPMA. If you do not have a log in set up through your agency, have forgotten your password, or have other difficulties accessing the training, please contact JPMA directly:

Vermont Law Enforcement Online Training Center
P.O. Box 5260 | Augusta, Maine 04332
Phone 207-621-8600 | Fax 207-621-8609

Follow this link to accsess Vermont Interview and Investigation Techniques for Domestic Violence  ***MANDATORY 2016 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINING***

This training is hosted by JPMA. All Vermont law enforcement agencies already have an account in the system and manage individual user accounts. If you do not have a login set up through your agency or have forgotten that login and/or password, check with your agency's training coordinator. If you continue to have difficulties accessing the training please contact JPMA directly (e-mail preferred and please include your agency name).

Basic Domestic Violence Training

  • Coordinator: Jenn Firpo
  • Length of course: 8 hours
  • Course hours: 0800 – 1630 hours
  • Location: Vermont Police Academy
  • Dates:
    • Wednesday, June 30, 2017          
    • Wednesday, September 27, 2017   
  • Tuition: None, if initial certification. Repeat/audit - $20.50


Eventbrite - Basic Domestic Violence Training

Course Description

Responding to reports of domestic violence continue to pose high risks and deep frustrations to police.

During this training, officers will review and, in the case of a new officer, learn the fundamentals on how to most effectively respond to domestic violence incidents, to include, reviewing:

  • The dynamics of domestic violence
  • Domestic violence related Vermont statutes and relevant case law
  • The investigation and creation of solid domestic violence cases for prosecutorial purposes
  •  Local and state resources for victims/survivors of domestic violence
  •  Dominant aggressor determination
  • Types of Vermont protection orders, their service, and enforcement

This course fulfills the domestic violence training requirement for:

  1. Persons going through the part-time police officer process
  2. Waiver officers.

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