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Interviewing and Interrogation Seminar - Intermediate/Experienced Officers

  • Coordinator: Leslie Bodette
  • Length of course: 3 Day
  • Course hours: 0800 – 1600
  • Dates and registration:

This three-day seminar focuses on improving investigative techniques involved with Interview and Interrogation. The class is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the investigator who has experience as a police officer and wants to become more effective and successful in investigations. The Full-Time Basic VPA Interview and Interrogation class imparts the fundamentals. This Intermediate/Experienced Officers class reviews, refines, shares new tips, and skills to help make a more polished and skilled investigator. The emphasis is on felony crimes which typically require more time and effort to solve.

Course Goals:

Obtaining thorough, sworn statements while assessing the credibility of the subject by observing their verbal and non-verbal expressions.

Interrogation strategies and methods will be discussed, with an emphasis on the importance of the use of information system resources and information learned from the suspect during the interview.

Focus on the psychology of both the investigator and the subject during the investigation. There is discussion on proper mindset, preparation, strategies, tactics, and tips to clear the innocent and obtain confessions from the guilty. A renewed emphasis on working to preclude false confessions is also discussed.

Day One and Two focus on interview and interrogation respectively. Day Three consists of some review with a focus on interactive role-play. Practical application of information learned in front of peers can help make abstract concepts more concrete. Immediate feedback and constructive criticism from the instructor as well as student peers can improve technique and accelerate understanding, not just of the material, but how the individual officer can become more successful.

(Suggested police experience minimum: three years)

Instructor: Detective Sergeant Edward Twohig (VSP-Retired)

Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO)

  • Length of course: 124 hours (three one week sessions plus a 3 hour orientation)
  • Course hours: 0800-1600
  • Location:  Vermont Fire Academy
  • Dates:
    •  LPO #13 Fall 2017
      • Orientation:  August 7, 2017 (0900 - 1300)
      • Week 1: August 28 - September 1 (0800  - 1630 Monday - Thursday) (0800 - 1200 Friday)
      • Week 2: October 2 - 6 (0800  - 1630 Monday - Thursday) (0800 - 1200 Friday)
      • Week 3: October 30 - November 3 (0800  - 1630 Monday - Friday)
  • Tuition:
    • None
    • Meals and lodging are the responsibility of the sponsoring agency
    • Overnight lodging will be available at the VPA but will be limited.
    • Anyone needing overnight accommodations is asked to email Steven Coote ASAP for planning and availability purposes.


Members wishing to attend need to obtain permission through their Chain of Command and forward all registration requests to Steven Coote.

Roster is currently full, applications are still being accepted for the wait list.

Documents to be Submitted
  1. Letter of support from Agency Head outlining benefit to applicant and agency.
  2. Completed Academy in-service training application.

Course Description

In partnership with our allied agencies at the VT State Police, Burlington PD and Colchester PD, the VCJTC is pleased to announce the Spring and Fall 2017 LPO courses in Vermont.

The LPO program is an intensive three-week leadership training course based upon the West Point Leadership model. The LPO program was adapted to policing by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Week 1 material focuses on individuals – as a leader as well as the individuals whom the leader supervises. Week 2 material focuses on team dynamics and development. Week 3 material focuses on organizations – to include recognizing and adapting to influences from outside of as well as inside the organization.

Course material is presented in a mix of classroom, small group discussion and hands-on scenario applications. Leaders who attend should come prepared to be fully engaged and can expect approximately two hours of homework and reading to prepare for each day of class. Each group of leaders attending the class will be expected to present a 30-minute presentation at the end of Week 3 on a contemporary issue in policing. These presentations will be presented to both classmates as well as police leaders from throughout Vermont.

Highlights of the topics to be covered in this class include:

  • Individual Differences 
  • Attribution Theory
  • Equity Theory
  • Expectancy Theory
  • Effective Followership
  • Group Development
  • Group Cohesion
  • Conflict Management
  • Social Exchange Theory
  • Organizational Systems
  • Organizational Culture
  • Leading Change


“The LPO program is one of the best investments we can offer to our current and future leaders. I would encourage all Law Enforcement agencies in our state to support and partake in this nationally recognized leadership training.”

Col. Tom L’Esperance, VT State Police

For further information regarding the class, please email Sgt. Steven Coote or call 802-388-4919.

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