Mission, Values and Goals


The mission of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council is to enhance public safety and promote law enforcement excellence by establishing policies, certification standards, training, and resources that embrace best practices in criminal justice to meet the needs of the communities we serve.


The vision of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council is to define standards of excellence and be the primary resource in the development of every law enforcement professional.

Strategic Plan Goals

Overarching Goal #1, Improve law enforcement as a profession.

  • Establish clearly defined training tracks and/or a training matrix.
  • Develop law enforcement leadership programs, including the continued implementation of the IACP Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) program.
  • Develop a method to insure agencies can participate in leadership training, regardless of budget size.
  • Improve recruitment efforts.
  • Institute statutory and legislative reviews related to certification/decertification, as well as authority and makeup of the VCJTC.
  • Develop a plan to leverage technology in all that we do.
  • Identify training programs eligible for movement to online delivery or to Vermont Interactive Television.
  • Provide guidance to agencies, with the goal of bolstering attendance at training.

Overarching Goal #2, Maximize outreach and awareness to allied agencies.

  • Increase access to statewide training for all agencies.
  • Develop and implement a newsletter to foster communication with stakeholders.
  • Implement the use of social media as a tool for communication, education, and marketing.
  • Leverage technology in all that we do.
  • Develop an operations manual for agency heads, detailing processes relevant to the administration of law enforcement agencies.
  • Educate stakeholders on the structure and purpose of the VCJTC.
  • Explore partnerships with Vermont colleges.

Overarching Goal #3, Enhance academy staff development.

  • Create and implement a plan aimed at developing current and future academy staff members.
  • Implement a plan for ongoing professional and career development of academy staff members.
  • Develop a succession plan to insure future stability of the VCJTC and training academy.
  • Recruit quality and diverse staff members.

Overarching Goal #4, Establish budget stability.

  • Develop and institute a capital construction project plan including the following initiatives.
  • New facility.
  • Improved driver training facility.
  • Leveraging current and emerging technology.
  • Utilize a holistic approach to the betterment of the academy facility.
  • Establish a VCJTC sub-committee tasked with increasing communication and understanding of the academy budget, while engaging stakeholders in the process.
  • Actively market the value of the VCJTC.

Contact Information

Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council
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Phone: 802.483.6228
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